Our starting story

I started making beeswax candles for our own use at home.  We only ever burn beeswax as it produces a much warmer coloured flame than any other candle, it doesn’t produce soot and tends not to leak everywhere. 

My journey began on a Sunday afternoon watching the telly with my wife to be, and our cat.  we were looking for candles online as we were running out and our usual supplier was out of stock and not for the first time.  We searched for hours looking at site after site and on all the usual places like amazon and Esty.  There was a huge selection out there, however, the ones that were a decent size were either poorly made or way too expensive, those with the cheaper price were hiding their extra cost in postage and packaging.  Page after page of google results became tiresome. 

I started looking at how to make them, found candle making supplies, and bought a small quantity to try it out.  My first was not exactly a success, I watched countless tutorials before trying again.  After many many hours of frustration and lots of not so great candles I finally made one that was good.  I mentioned it to a work colleague and showed them a picture, after many positive conversations I took one to work to see what people thought.  I got some great feedback and decided that I should start selling them.  That evening I ordered more supplies and made a range of sizes with what I had left and handed them out at work for people to take home and try.  Within a few days I had them telling me how much they enjoyed them and that set it in concrete for me.

I did some market research and found all the hidden costs of running an online business (many more than I thought).  My main objective and the mission I wanted to achieve was to offer pure beeswax candles at a low price, so they could be affordable and enjoyed by everyone.

Here I provide candles without huge mark ups so that everyone can have the benefits of beeswax

Our mission

Our mission is to provide beeswax candles of quality, at a price that is affordable for all. We believe everyone should be able to buy beeswax candles, that is why we strive to keep our prices low, and quality high. It’s that simple.