Beeswax Magic Spell Candles – Red


Red spell candles are associated with love, passion, lust, and courage. Made from 100% pure beeswax and cotton wicks, and burn for 1 hour.


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Red spell candle is associated with passionate love, sexual energy, lust, physical attraction, and courage. These candles are made from 100% pure beeswax and cotton wicks, and they burn for approximately 1 hour. Red spell candles are a great way to add a touch of magic and romance to your home or to use in your spiritual practice.

Benefits of Red Spell Candles

  • Red spell candles can help to increase passion and love in your relationships.
  • They can also be used to attract new love or to rekindle the flames of passion in an existing relationship.
  • Red spell candles can also be used to boost your confidence and self-esteem.
  • They can also be used to increase your courage and strength.

How to Use Red Spell Candles

To use a red spell candle, simply light it and focus on your desired outcome. You can also anoint the candle with essential oils or herbs that are associated with your desired outcome. For example, if you are using the candle to attract new love, you could anoint it with rose oil or jasmine oil.

Safety Precautions

Always follow candle safety precautions when using red spell candles. Be sure to burn them on a heatproof surface and never leave them unattended.

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